Thursday 26 April 2012

Electric Beat & Shredded Silver Micro Glitter

I know you guys have probably seen a million and one swatches of China Glaze Electric Beat but as CG is one of my favourite brands of polish (and quite pricey in the UK), I just couldn't pass up a post on it.

Electric Beat is the only polish I got from the Electropop collection. Although I loved nearly all the shades in that collection, this one was my favourite. I've got a couple of cornflower blues similar to this but this one is just so fresh and interesting. In the swatches I saw, it looked quite bright but irl it's not so much.  It's a dusty blue, muted looking compared to the rest of the collection. The formula is quite thick but applies well, two coats is all you need for opacity.

I don't have GC Techno which was re-launched for the Electropop collection so I had a look through my stash and came across this limited edition Barry M Silver Glitter which I bought a couple of months back.

I can only assume this glitter is limited edition because I haven't seen it since and it's not like their regular silver glitter. It's not hex or round, it's literally tiny irregular shredded pieces. To be honest, I only picked it up after glancing at the lid which is holographic, so for some reason I thought the glitter was holo too. Obviously there isn't anything holo about it but I still like the irregularity of the glitter pieces.

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  1. It's never bad to see more swatches, especially of a pretty blue like this one. :) That Barry M looks great; I keep hoping they'll start selling on this side of the world.

  2. Great mani! I love that blue and it looks gorgeous on your nails :D

  3. it is very pretty, love it with the glitter

  4. I just love the slight dusty-ness that Electric Beat has. And I completely agree with you, I also love every colour in the Electro Pop collection, but only ended up getting 2: Electric Beat and Lolita. Very pretty swatch!

  5. Oh, I really like that blue! Looks fantastic with that glitter!

  6. I just bought that blue today! I can't wait to try it out!

  7. I always love seeing your swatches. Your nail shape is perfect and you paint your nails in perfection! xx

  8. Oh this blue is so pretty, I love it. There's an award on my blog for you btw :-)

  9. Pretty :) I know what you mean about CG in the UK! Do you buy yours online or from Sally Hair and Beauty? They're the only physical shop I've found them in, but £6.59 each gets pretty pricey for a student with a polish habit!

    1. I always buy mine online, mostly from transdesign. If I get quite a few bottles at a time, it's worth the shipping costs.


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