Wednesday, 23 November 2011

True Love - Essence Vampire's Love TE

Here is another polish from the Essence Vampire's Love Trend Edition. This one is called True Love and it's a lovely dark purple, like a maroon purple and packed full of shimmer.
It's a gorgeous shade of purple but I can see how it could easily be overlooked in favour of more "exciting" purple shades.

As soon as I heard about this collection, I anticipated a colour like this as it's...well... "vampy" and something a vampire would wear! Would a vampire wear this?! Hmm...

As with the other Vampire's Love polish I've tried (The Dawn is Broken), the quality is amazing. They are extremely opaque (with good application you can get away with 1 coat) and apply easily and smoothly. I can't fault the formula at all.

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  1. Uuuh I'm so jealous you got some Essences! ;) This is really pretty!

  2. i want to try this collex too :) by the way
    i tag you on a blogger award :)

  3. I got this one yesterday! Looking forward to trying it on!

  4. I love that colour!


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