Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Current "go to" polish for a quick holiday mani!!!

When you are trying to pack your suitcase and do a hundred things at once before running to catch a flight, what do you put on your nails?
Well, if you are more organised than me, you would have probably done all of that the night before and painted your nails in good time to ensure no dents, etc! Oh well! Lesson learned!

For when I'm in an absolute hurry, my current go to polishes are the magnetics (until I get bored of them). I could just slap any fast drying colour on my nails but magnetic polishes are interesting enough to not have to do any nail art.

Here is 1 coat of "17" Magnetized Blue over 1 coat of "17" Midnight Sapphire. The blue magnetic polish dries much more matte than it's green brother but a top coat soon makes it glossy and sparkly.

There is quite a bit of purple shimmer in this one but it's not really visible in the pictures. It still makes it very dynamic and multi-tonal.

I won't be able to post whilst I am on holiday but it's only a short break, I'll be back on Monday :) Pin It


  1. This is so cool! I have yet to buy any magnetic polishes... they all seem so expensive here :\

    Have a wonderful mini-vacation :)

  2. Gorgeous! I already tried mine and I love it. Thanks for sending it to me! :*

  3. This is stunning! I'm adding it to my wishlist :-)

    Enjoy your holiday!

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  5. I just love magnetic polishes! I only have two though.

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