Saturday 2 February 2013

The Ultimate Fix - Fast Drying Nail Polish Spray

Today I have something slightly different to show you. It's not a new nail polish, nail plate or nail art supplies as such. It's a nail polish drying spray.  The Ultimate Fix by the Beauty Narcotix is described as a "non-oily drying spray" that "dries and protects nail polish in minutes". Other than drying your polish extremely fast, their website also says:

"With the Ultimate Fix you can achieve the beautiful, long lasting, high shine results that gels give without the potential hassle of gel nail."

I really wanted to test this out, so here is what I did. I purposely used a polish in my stash which I knew takes forever and a day to dry. Yes Love is a pound store polish which I buy every time I go on holiday to Portugal. Their formulas are horrible (at least all the ones I've tried) but they do the best neons and brights and because they are only €1 each, I always grab a few for nail art or to stamp over.

Before I tell you more about the Ultimate Fix, here is how your nails would look after 60 seconds of applying your last coat. This is Yes Love K017, 3 coats:

So, here are my views on this fast drying nail spray:

- It does indeed dry polish really fast. You are supposed to apply spray between each layer of polish and it dries that layer to the touch literally within seconds.

- You do need to give it about 10 minutes to completely dry all the layers. I pressed a key into my pointer about 2 minutes after applying the last layer and that was too soon as it did dent slightly (can you see?). However, I was only testing the speed and wouldn't normally do that of course! This spray is fast drying but I wouldn't go rummaging through the bottom of my bag as soon as I've finished doing the last layer!

- I love that it's non oily as all other nail sprays I've tried are quite oily which is good for your cuticles but makes it hard to photograph your nails unless you wash your hands. This spray is however, quite sticky to the touch but that doesn't really bother me.

- The spray also claims to maintain your nails chip proof and lasting longer. I was able to wear it for 3 days and it was chip free during that time. It may have lasted longer but longevity isn't at the top of my list as I change my polish way too often.

- The only downside for me (which might be a positive for some people) is the smell. It doesn't stink, in fact, it has a very strong perfumed fragrance to it which I couldn't quite put my finger on but my husband tells me it smells like Joop Joop Homme! The fragrance lingered well after I washed my hands a few times.

Other than the very strong smell, I really like this spray and will most definitely be using it when I need to do a quick mani before dashing out or even for tape manis where I can't be bothered to wait for my polish to dry.

You can find out more and purchase The Ultimate Fix directly from the Beauty Narcotix website.

*The product featured  in this post was sent to me for review Pin It


  1. This looked so awesome but then I checked the price: "This breakthrough nail drying spray is just £17 for 200ml." No way!

    1. I know, it's quite pricey! It's a good product and lasts a while too but I can understand why a lot of poeple wouldn't pay that much for a drying spray.

  2. Amazing colour! I like it :)

  3. Something that is way better than that! Quick shine Top Coat from Jordana. It takes 60 seconds, to harden the stickiest, thickest, longest to dry, most coats type polish! It is the gospel! Try it!

  4. great job i like the colour and really good Nail Polish Spray


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