Thursday, 14 February 2013

Holo Day: Speciallita HITS Dionisio

Today I have swatches of the lovely Dionisio from the Speciallita Hits No Olimpo collection. It's a gorgeous grape purple linear holo. Although I don't find the holo effect of these No Olimpo polishes as evident and strong as the newer Jade Holographics, the holo effect is still very good considering both these pictures are indoors and not in direct sunlight!
The formula is really good as well although since this collection was launched, various companies have ensured that their holo formulas have become better and better. Too bad these polishes have every chemical known in the book and aren't 3-free.

 These Speciallita Hits polishes are available through Llarowe for $8 I believe but I got this one in a swap. Pin It


  1. Gorgeous! Love it!

  2. Amazingly beautiful! I got this one as well on my last Brazilian swap! Love it!

  3. Wow that first picture is so stunning! *-*
    I'm glad you like it! I hope Speciallità starts making the old colections 3-free from now on, because they already are making 3-free polishes now...

  4. You've got such beautiful nails I don't even care about the polish!

  5. Look at that gorgeous rainbow holo! Lovely!

  6. It's so gorgeous!


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