Friday, 30 September 2011

Some pretties and 2 sweetie pies

It's been a very tiring day. A tiring week for that matter! But before I go and pass out on my bed, I wanted to show you guys some pretties I have received this past week.

Well, guess what? The Nfu Oh polishes were ordered back in July but because Viis Illusalong don't deliver Nfu Oh to the UK, I had to get the package to be sent to my mother in law's house in Greece, it then got lost somewhere and finally arrived in the UK this week! Phew!!! I thought I would never hold those pretty bottles :(
I also got Tristam because I don't own any of the A-England polishes so I thought this was a good place to start.

I have already swatched the Nails Inc Magnetic polish in Trafalgar Square here and I was quite impressed so on a bit of an impulse, I also got Houses of Parliament (purple) and Big Ben (gold) - not sure why I needed them all though! Nails Inc sent me Heddon Street for becoming a member of their reward programme.

And here are my two sweetie pies snuggling up. Eggbert is holding and licking Lebowski's head. He loves to do that. Lol!!

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  1. Oh my, what a haul. I'm drooling. I would just love to see The Mall or Heddon Street. They look really nice. Awwww, your cats are adorable. <3

  2. There's so much awesome here I don't know where to start: the polishes, the fact that you even finally got some of 'em, or your too amazing cats (and names!)!!!! Go take a nap with them and forget about how exhausting this week was/get ramped up to enjoy the heck out of your weekend :D

  3. You really got some gorgeous goodies- I'm glad your package turns up OK would have been awful if it went missing! I really like the magnetic polishes going around at the moment xx

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  4. Aww your cats are soo cute! Love the nail polishes *.*


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