Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Pink Wednesday!!! - OPI Panda-monium Pink

Panda-monium Pink is part of the OPI Hong Kong Collection Spring 2010 and is my second bottle from this collection. I also have Lucky Lucky Lavender which is in fact very similar to this pink because they both have a bit of lilac in them.

Panda-monium Pink is a light, pastel pink creme with cool undertones. I found the formula to be on the thin side, very sheer and needed 3 coats for even coverage. It also applied very streaky which granted, is the case with a lot of these milky based colours but even the 3rd coat didn't even out the streaks. Only a coat of SV helped smooth it out a little.

In spite of the consistency and application, I still love the colour. It reminds me of candy floss.


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  1. Sure does look like cotton candy!

  2. WOW! this looks AMAZING on your nails!! It's so neat and clean looking.

  3. Love this color! It is one of my favorites! It looks awesome on you!

  4. This is stunning! Very similar to China GLaze Something Sweet, which is one of my favourites! :)

  5. very pretty color =)
    I gave you an award =D

  6. Beautiful shade!


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