Tuesday, 16 August 2011

In the nude: Colour Club Best Dressed List

Today I opted for a little less colour and went for a warm nude tone.
Best Dressed List from Color Club is from their Spring 2010 Rebel Debutante collection. This tone of nude is slightly darker than most of my other nudes, you can most definitely see the light brown in it but that's one of the reasons I went for it. I think it's really soft and complements my skin tone. Nudes are almost always my go-to polishes and this one is a keeper.

The formula is really good, applies evenly with no streaks. Then again I've never really had many problems with the Color Club polishes I own. So far their creme formulas are pretty consistent. This is 2 coats:


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  1. This polish in in my wishlist and I hope to catch it asap... Beautiful but discreet, and your good review about formula makes me happy :)

  2. Such a pretty nude!

  3. sweet, jesus, one of the prettiest polishes i've seen. i bet this is going to be a nightmare to get hold of in england :/
    best wishes
    @tsunimee on twitter

  4. @ liloo - I've never seen Color Club in UK stores, I bought this one from Transdesign. However, here is a link to a UK E-tailer. They have a good range of Color Club on their site: http://www.beauty4nails-body.co.uk/

  5. Love this colour! It's so pretty. I found your blog through tumblr (saw a picture of your eco warrior nails), your nails are so pretty and neatly painted! I'm a fan (:


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