Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Aubrey Organics - Blue Green Algae with Grape Seed Extract - 3 Step Skincare

Today's post is something a little different to what you are used to seeing on my blog.

Always on the quest to find the perfect skincare routine, and now being pregnant too, I started using Aubrey Organics 3 Step Skincare System 3 months ago. Up until now, I've always used quite harsh products like Clearasil on my blemished skin but to be honest they didn't make my skin any better and still broke me out.

I searched the Internet for all natural, organic and cruelty free products but a lot of products which claim to be "natural" are actually packed with chemicals and toxic ingredients which I can't even pronounce. The ones that weren't, cost an arm and a leg which to be honest I wasn't willing to pay after having spent a small fortune on expensive skincare products that I ended up not using.

That's when I came across Aubrey Organics products on Amazon. I noticed that they also had a website and sold in the UK. I chose to go for their older line of products that come in these not-so-fancy bottles. If you go on their website now, it seems that they have re-formulated some of their skincare range as well as packaging.

Here is what I got:

Blue Green Algae Range (Combination/ Oily Skin):
  • Facial Cleansing Lotion (118ml) - This is the first time using a face wash that doesn't strip all the oils and over dry my skin. Having had oily skin all my life, I used to think that only if my skin was "pulling" would it be squeaky clean. Now that's not the case as all I was doing was striping all it's natural oils which would make it produce even more oil. This product doesn't really wash off all your make up because it's so mild so you'd still need to use an alcohol free wipe prior to cleansing with this.
  • Facial Toner (237ml) - I can't get over how gentle this toner is on my skin. Maybe that's because the toner I used before was so harsh that it would actually burn my skin a little whilst I was applying it. This toner makes my face feel so refreshed and silky.
  • Moisturising Cream (118ml) - I was really impressed by the size of this bottle. I usually pay £9.15 for a pot of 30ml drugstore moisturiser and this is a 118ml bottle. It's going to last me way after the cleanser and toner have finished. The first time I used it, I was a bit taken aback by how rich and creamy it is considering it's a moisturiser for combination to oily skin and also by the very strong and overpowering scent, which I still can't get used to. However, I try to remember that it's made with natural oils (jojoba, Shea butter, evening primrose oil, soybean oil, etc), thus the rich and creamy feeling and the strong smell is quite natural and flowery, not "chemically".To my surprise, my oily skin skin seems to soak it right up. It just took me a while getting used to not having completely dry and matte skin like I've been used to for years.
  • Soothing Mask (118ml) - I really like this mask although it's not the best clay mask I've tried. It's creamy and feels slightly self warming when applied to the face, it doesn't dry on like your usual clay masks. I leave it on for about 15 minutes and when I rinse it off, my skin feels clean and hydrated but in a dewy way. I haven't had any breakouts at all since I started using this mask but I guess the other products in the range may be helping with that too.
  • Lip Balm - They send you a free lip balm when you spend £30. I love this lip balm although I have a drawer full of them. As this one is made from all natural products, it's the only one I would wear overnight, plus it contains no SPF so it's probably more suited for overnight anyway. I wake up with supple and moisturised lips in the morning.
The cleanser and toner are nearly finished and although I would gladly re-purchase the majority of these products, I tend to get quite bored if I keep to the same skincare routine for a long period of time. So I've already been eyeing up a few more products I'd like to incorporate into my skincare routine.

What is your skincare routine? Do you change every so often or do you like to stick to the same products for a very long time?

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  1. I've got quite reactive skin so tend to stick to what I know won't irritate it. Been an Elemis girl for the last couple of years :)

    1. Yeah, if you have sensitive skin you have to be careful what you put on it. Have you tried organic all natural products? They are very mild and should be OK for sensitive skin.

  2. Congratulations on the baby :)


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