Friday, 26 October 2012

Born Pretty Ylin Colour Changing Polish and Travel Brush Review

Today I have two products from the Born Pretty Store to show you. A colour changing/ mood polish and a travel make up brush.

I had never tried a colour changing polish before simply because if I put a certain colour on my nails, I want that colour to stay on until I get fed up of that mani, but I thought I'd give it a try.
The consistency of this polish (brand name Ylin, shade 07) was really strange. It looked a lot like water paint and although the application was OK, the formula was terrible.

As you can see, it goes on purple and dries matte. As soon as I dipped my hands in warm water, it changed to a bright sky blue. However, it also started bubbling and lifting if I dipped my hand in the water more than once. When you let your hand cool down again, it goes back to purple. I'm not sure if I didn't use it properly or if I got a bad bottle but the polish lifted so much that chunks of it came right off even after an hour of drying time.

The second item I got was a travel brush. I love the gold casing and leopard print. The brush is an ideal medium size as I've got a couple of other travel brushes that are too small. The bristles are soft and so far durable.
I took it with me on holiday last week and it applies blush really well. I also managed to apply bronzer and pressed powder with it so it's definitely a good travel brush.

If you want to know more about these or any other Born Pretty Store products, check out their page HERE. Use discount code VA7J61 to get 10% off.

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  1. Oooh that looks so cool! What an awesome idea!

    Jazz x

  2. I love both of those colours
    As far as the lifting and heavy chipping I had found same with most of the thinner formula colour changing polishes. I have had several and discovered, if the formula is like regular nail polish the colour change generally isn't as drastic and wont chip as bad but the ones that are watery chip like anything no matter what topcoat you use :(

  3. It's interesting that it lifted and chipped like that. I have a friend blogger that got the same polish for review and it didn't happen to her.
    I think she just let it dry very well before testing the water temperature thing! =/

  4. That is a very interesting effect, I've never tried it. Although here in Brazil I've only seen that kind of polish that changes with sunlight, not water. It's a shame about the formula, though (Ive heard bad things about the formula on ours as well)...

  5. What a shame about the formula and bubbling, because the 2 colors are lovely!

  6. I just posted about this, and I think the fact that the nail polish is not actually a normal nail polish formula (no smell at all)might be why it bubbled. lasted a day on me before falling off in chunks, and that was with base coat and top coat. Showered with it fine as well.

    1. Looks cool, I just wish the formula wasn't super odd!

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