Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Monday Bank Holiday Half Moons

Hope you guys had a great Easter. This is my first post ever (yay!). Not quite sure where to begin.

So, I think I dreamt about half moon nails last night because I spent an hour looking at pictures of Dita Von Teese. I love the look - so vintage, so 1950's. Although they were brought back a while ago (for fall 2009 runways I think), for some reason I'm obsessing about them now!!
I wanted to recreate it on myself but using different contrasting or complementary colours other than the traditional white/red I've always seen. I loved what CND did at the Christian Dior and Ruffian runways.

I don't have much of a steady hand so I cheated and used the little round stickers method. They didn't come out bad for a first attempt and although the stickers left some residue behind, it didn't damage the polish.

I used OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender for the half moon and Rimmel London Perfect Plum on the rest of the nail.

What do you guys think of the half moon manicure in general? Pin It

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